b'TRIPLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVESTRIPLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVESMODEL SLHBFFS-T 150 TO 2500 CLASS TRIPLE OFFSETRANGE & STANDARDSSize50NB - 1800NB (2 to 72)Class150 to 1500 ANSIDesign StandardsAPI 609 Category B ISO 15848-1 API 607 607Ed. ,& 7t h Ed. API622 2011 2nd EditionAPI7th 6th ISO10497-5 ISO 15848-1 & ASME B16.34Endurance Test Certified Firesafe Certified FugitiveISO 15848-2ISO 10497-5Emission CertifiedDimensionsAPI 609-B/ ISO 5752/Firesafe Certified Fugitive Emission CertifiedMSS-SP-67/68 Construction Wafer,lugged,flangedshort&long patternPressure/ Temp. ASME B16.34 & API 609-B/ ISO 5752Face to FaceASME B16.10 short & long/ API 609/ API 6D/ ISO 5752 shortFlange DimensionsASME B16.5, over 600NB (24) - MSS-SP-44 or API 605 or ASME B16.47Pressure TestAPI 598, ISO 5208 Rate A, EN 1266, API 6DLeakage RatesTrue zero leakageThe SLHBFFS-T Range is based on a unique quarter-turn design.The Triple offset shaft and disc configuration together with the advanced high technologyseat system provides a reliable rugged multi-purpose butterfly valve range.Laminated/Metal SeatThe triple laminated design seat with multiple stainless steel seat rings laminated with graphite inserts to provide zero leakage. The SLHBFFS-T is suitable for high temperature and abrasive service. The laminated and all-metal seat design facilitates bi-directional high temperature service and is inherently firesafe design. The primary metal seat enables the execution to be used up to 670C.Seat-rings available are stainless steel ANSI 316L-chromium plated or stellite, (maximum allowed temperature: 310C) and Inconel 625 (maximum allowed temperature: 760C). As a result the metal/laminated seat range meets the full pressure temperature rating according to ASME class ratings. Seat leakage can be specified to API 6D/API 598(ISO 5208 Zero Leakage Class A), FCI 70-2 Class VI etc.Disc slightly open Disc closed: Multi layer seat ring Disc closed: Pure metal seat ring10 SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves'