b'TRIPLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVESMODEL SLHBFFS-T 150 TO 2500 CLASS TRIPLE OFFSETDESIGN OPTIONS - TRIPLE OFFSET One Piece Metal Seat Design OptionThe semi-flexible metal one piece seal ring design guarantees the tightest shut-off and ensures safety in case of thermal expansion.Live-loading Design Option A Belleville spring provides abrasion compensation by compressing the packingconstantly which ensures a long life cycle. Design varies depending on size & class.Low Emission DesignDouble packing design asstandard guarantees safety.Leakage detection optionalEmergency sealing injectionoptional. Additionl chemical seal packing gland seal system optional.StelliteBody SeatReplaceable Body Seat The body seat can optionally beDesign Optionsupplied in Stellite#21 (zeroThe design includes a separate leakage). seat (not welded on the valve body) allowing ease of maintenance.14 SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves'