b'TRIPLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVESMODEL SLHBFFS-TD DOUBLE BLOCK & BLEED TRIPLE OFFSETDOUBLE BLOCK & BLEED (SINGLE & DUAL DISC)Model SLHBFFS-TD Twin Disc Version Double Block & BleedThe Triple Offset butterfly valve with all its benefits is now also available with Double Block & Bleed capability in single disc and twin disc with the addedbenefit of a bleed cavity so that a safe working environment can be ensured downstream of the valve when used on the isolation of toxic, explosive orother critical applications. The use of the Triple Offset butterfly valve gives aninherently firesafe metal to metal seated valve with zero leakage capability for use on the most demanding applications.High integrity double seal Drain valve to check for leakage with bleed facility between(Twin & single disc version) (Single disc version)Drawings available on request.18 SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves'