b'C O N T E N T SHigh Performance Double Offset4High Performance Triple Offset 10Figure Number System - Double Offset and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves 20Lined 2014/2016 Series 21Lined 2014/2016 HP Series 26Lined 2014/2016 HP2 Series 31Lined 2014 2P Series 36PTFE/FEP/PFA/ETFE Lined Butterfly Valve Model 2014-2P-D0 37Large Diameter Flanged Butterfly Valve HU-B60 Series 39Large Diameter Flanged Butterfly Valve HU-B70 Series 42Screwed Ends Butterfly Valve 14 Bar 47Copyright Australian Pipeline Valve 1990 - 2020 Edition Catalogues, photos, brochures and technical publications are the exclusive property of Australian Pipeline Valve.Any unauthorised reproduction in total or in part, shall result in prosecution. Products and data sheets in this publication are subject to change at anytime without notice. Australian Pipeline Valve reserves the right to carry out amendments to products and materials.SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves 3'