b'LINED BUTTERFLY VALVEPTFE / FEP / PFA / ETFE & ELASTOMER LINED BUTTERFLY VALVE 2 PIECE BODY MODEL 2014-2PServiceHygienic,Chemical,Industrial,Mining, Oil&Gas,HighTemperatureDesignCentric, Wafer & Lugged API 609,BS/EN 593, BS/EN 558 Size Range50to600mmPressure RatingPN 3.5, PN10, PN16500kPamaxratingondeadendservice1600 kPa rating available up to 600NBTemperature RatingMinus 20 O C to 110 O C EPDM liner & sealsMinus 8 O C to 90 O C Buna N liner & sealsMinus 5 O C to 110 O CTeflonliner,NBRbackedMinus 20 O C to 130 O C Teflonliner,EPDMbackedMinus 10 O C to 100 O C Urethane linerMinus 20 O C to 150 O CsolidTeflonliner&sealsStandard MaterialsBody:Cast Iron, 316SS etcDisc:316 S/SEPDM encapsulated, Teflon(PFA)encapsulatedStem: 316S/S,EPDMorTeflon(PFA) encapsulatedRetaining System Mounting Flange Seat:EPDM or Buna NThe shaft is retained in theISO5211mountingflangeTeflon-BunaNbackedbodywithretainingring,a accomodatesdirect Teflon-EPDMbackedthrustwasherandtwomountingofalltypesof UrethaneC-Rings, providing a actuators, including: han-Teflon-solidblow-outproofshaft dles, gear operators, elec-assembly.Theretaining tricandpneumatic. Flangingringmaybeeasilyremovedwithastandardhandtool AS 2129 Table D, Eonfielddisassembly. O-RingAS 4087 PN14, PN16, ANSI Class 125/150Shaft seal provides furtherEN 1092-2, PN10, PN16Shaft assuranceagainststemOne-piece through shaftleakage.ensures dependability and positive disc positioning.Flats SealBushingsSmoothfinisheddiscflatsShaft bushings reducematewithseatflatstogive Atmospherictorque and isolate the shaftahighlyefficientprimary sealfromthevalvebody,seal that prevents leakage(O-Ring)preventingseizureofthe into the shaft area. Providingexternalshaft due to corrosion incorrosion protectiontheshaftjournal.Two Piece Body PTFE SeatTwopiecebodyallowsfor Triple stem SolidPTFEorEPDMwith easeofassemblyandbearingphenolic-backed seat maintenance. Maintenance free,provides resilient supportwithSS+PTFE/forthemoldedPTFE,thus Polyacetal bearingsmaximisingtheshut-offand Disc cycle life of the seat. Stainless steel or stainless steelPFA(min.thicknessDisc and Shaft0.1mm)coateddisc Connectionpreventschemical The square connectioncorrosionfromflowmedia.eliminatesshaftretention Precisionprofileprovidescomponentsbeingexposed bubble-tight shut-off,Seperateable One Piecetothelinemedia.Maximum assuresminimumtorque Disc and Stem Fully Coated flowisachieved. and longer seat life. Disc and Stem34 SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves 35'