b'DOUBLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVESDOUBLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVESMODEL SLHBF, SLHBFFS 150 TO 1500 CLASS DOUBLE OFFSETRANGE & STANDARDSSize50NB - 1800NB (2 to 72)Class150 to 1500 ANSIGeneral DesignAPI 609 (Cat B) & ASME B16.34 APII 6076th &7th Ed. API 622 2011 2nd EditionnAP6076th &7th Ed. API622 2011 2nd EditioAPI 622 & ISO 15848-1 ISO 10497-5 ISO 15848-2ISO 10497-5Design StandardsFlanged: MSS-SP-67Endurance Test Certified Firesafe Certified Fugitive Emission CerFiresafe Certified Fugitive Emission CertifiedtifiedWafer: MSS-SP-68/ API 609-B Wall Thickness: API 609Construction Wafer,lugged,flangedPressure/ Temp. ASME B16.34 & API 609-B/ ISO 5752Face to FaceASME B16.10 short/ MSS-SP-67/ MSS-SP-68/API 609-B/ ISO 5752 shortFlange DimensionsASME B16.5, over 600NB (24) - MSS-SP-44 OR API 605 or ASME B16.47, AS 4331.1, ISO 7005-1, E1092-1 PN10 ~ 250 also availablePressure TestAPI 598, ISO 5208, EN 1266, MSS-SP67Leakage RatesFCI 70-2 Class VI up to zero leakage API 598/ISO 5208Temperature RangeResilient Seal (Soft) -46C to 220C (-50F to 428F) Metal Seal -46C to 900C (-50F to 1652F)PRINCIPLES OF VALVE DESIGNThe standard SLHBF/SLHBFFS design is double offset (double eccentric). Availableinfiresafe&nonfiresafeinsoftandmetalseated.ThesoftseatedversionincorporatesametalseatretainerwithanRPTFEinsert for high pressure service and long life. The basic concept of the SLHBF/SLHBFFS is to only utilise a thin slice of a ball valve at the seat ring area. The body is only wideenoughtoholdthedisc,shaft&seatinplace,alltheremainingmaterialiseliminatedbecauseitservesnopurpose.Ballvalveshave2seats,butfloatingballsonlysealontheupstreamseathencethesealingeffectivenessofaHPButterflyValveisthesame.Thediscseatingedgeisasegmentofasphereandcreatesareliable,highpressure seal against an un-interrupted 360 seat sealingsurface.Thediscprofileisverythin&allowsmaximumflowwithalowpressuredrop.ThemostcommonuseoftheSLHBF/SLHBFFSistoshut-offflowinsideapipeline.Everycomponentofthevalve is designed to contribute to this goal. The disc, shaft,bearings,packing&discpinsallworktogethertoensurethatthediscisaccuratelypositionedwhenclosedtoallowtheseattoenergisetothedisc&create a seal.4 SUPERSEAL - Butterfly Valves'