b'C O N T E N T STwin Ferrule Tube Compression Fittings Overview4Male Connector and Bulkhead Male Connector5Male Elbow7Male Run Tee8Female Connector9Bulkhead Female Connector and Female Elbow10Female Run Tee and Female Branch Tee11Union Tee and Union12Reducing Union 13Bulkhead Union and Union Elbow14Reducer15Male Adaptor and Female Adaptor16Nut, Back Ferrule and Front Ferrule17Hex Nipple, Hex Long Nipple and Hex Reducing Nipple18Adaptor, Reducing Adaptor and Reducing Bushing19Hex Coupling and Hex Reducing Coupling20Pipe Plug20Copyright Australian Pipeline Valve 1990 - 2020 Edition Catalogues, photos, brochures and technical publications are the exclusive property of Australian Pipeline Valve.Any unauthorised reproduction in total or in part, shall result in prosecution. Products and data sheets in this publication are subject to change at anytime without notice. Australian Pipeline Valve reserves the right to carry out amendments to products and materials.TWINLOK - Tube Compression Fittings 3'